Motor biking

B&B@23 is an ideal location both for road and off road motor bikes.  The road passing immediately in front of B&B@23 is well known and much used by bikers both as an enjoyable and challenging biking road and as a route favoured by motor bikers en route to events at the Grand Prix track in Barcelona.

The road behind the house gives you immediate access to the forestry dirt roads and on which you can wind your way on the tracks to the neighbouring villages.  The route climbs into the hills giving glorious views down the valley toward Perpignan and beyond.

Many bikers pass this way, especially in the summer months, as they seek to enjoy themselves around the Languedoc-Roussillon region and on its many wonderful roads taking in some of the world's truly wonderful scenery.  Further afield the winding routes up into the Pyrenees and Andorra are hugely popular with touring bikers.  Andorra has some well known shops supplying bikers with tax free clothing and equipment.