Kayaking Routes

Gorges de St George
Some say not so dramatic as the Pierre Lys further below on the Aude, but again with gorgeous vistas and the opportunity not only to traverse the gorge but also to continue on through the middle of the village of Axat, that quintessential Haute Vallee village in the Aude.  Even stop on the island in Axat on your way down river, take a walk and treat yourself at the wonderful boulangerie.

Gorges de Pierre Lys
Surely one of the more dramatic kayaking views available to anyone!  Drop in the water at the junction of the RN D117 and the RN D118, after filling your day sack with local fruit from the roadside stall there, then hold on and head for the famous 'Defile de Pierre Lys' with its rapids.

Gorges de Calamus
One of, if not the most sensational gorge in the Languedoc-Rousillon.  A definite 'must see' for any visitor.  The dramatic road through the gorge, which sadly relatively recently introduced traffic lights to control the two way flow on the narrow cliff hugging road because of its increasing popularity as a visitor destination.  It can get crowded in peak summer months but it is also possible to traverse via the river and get a totally different perspective.  How brave are you?


Don't just look at our suggestions.  There are many rafting and kayaking companies now working in the Languedoc-Roussillon and Pyrenees Orientales departments and offering a selection of destinations to chose from.  They offer a professional service with equipment and transport provided and qualified certified guides to ensure your safety.