Kayaking holidays in Languedoc Roussillon

The source of the mighty Aude river is not too far from B&B@23 and in the Haute Vallee a thriving White Water Rafting and Kayaking business has established itself along the river and through its gorges over recent years.  So much so that national championship competitions are sometimes held here in the summer.

The rafting is able to continue through the drier summer months regardless of the rainfall because the industry works in conjunction with the hydro electricity providers who dam the river.  The rafting companies have an agreement to release water at least twice a day ensuring that whatever the climate there are still possibilities each day to get on the river with plenty of water.

People 'ride' the river in a variety of ways depending upon the location.  In the height of summer the sound of people enjoying themselves can be heard all along the river Aude and in the centre of most of the villages as the 'river riders' make their way through gorges and villages like Axat, one of the favourite spots.

There are slalom poles hung across the river in various places for the more adventurous kayakers, notably in the centre of Axat and Quillan as well as in some of the gorges.  Just outside Axat on the roundabout at the junction of the RN D117 and the RN D118 a number of rafting companies have made this their operations base.