Introduction to Hiking in Languedoc, South France

The area around B&B@23 Languedoc offers a diversity of walks and hiking routes that will satisfy both the weekend rambler as well as the most hardened of hill climbers.  These are diverse and interesting walks and hiking trails, many that start outside the door of the property.

The French classification system for nationally recognised routes is superb.  Simplistically, Grand Randonee (GR) are registered long distance hiking trails, Sentiers de Grande Randonnee de Pays (GRP) will cover the region and tend to be circular walks with the Sentiers de Promenade (PR) routes for the short local circuits.

The trails are marked by a system of red, white and yellow way marking stripes, the history of which goes back a long way.  You are advised to make yourself aware of the significance and style of these markings before venturing too far as you will continually encounter them as you tramp through France.

It is also advisable to be aware that there can be slightly more risks in walking in the remoter areas of France and for example there are areas where the Siberian Black Bear can be found, and which is not as timid as its indigenous brother.  Having said this there are sights to be seen from large wild cats, deer and many other species which will both thrill and excite.

Walking in the Aude and Languedoc has many rewards, not only the chance to see nature and the wildlife but especially in Spring the flora and fauna can be absolutely stunning ranging from alpine flowers to tropical palms in some instances.  Add to that the chance to really see rural France and meet its people is a real treat.

Just remember to pack that day sack with your baguette, saucisson, favourite cheese and wine – enjoy.